Mission And Vision

  1. To be a preferred choice of students, faculty and industry in every discipline undertaken by the college.
  2. Equip students with the necessary technological skill and intellectual capacity to face the fast-changing demands of modern technology.
  3. Develop the ideal working attitudes and values of the students.
  4. Engage in research studies for innovative development.
  5. Provide industry-driven curricular programs.
  6. Enhance the intellectual, moral and spiritual standard of the faculty and staff.
  7. Maintain the quality of its learning facilities at par with that of industry.
  8. Sustain efforts towards effective administration and
  9. Strengthen linkages with the private and public sectors.

To become Global Leadership in Human Development, Excellence in Education and becoming a lead provider of quality and affordable technical education, and a producer of highly competent and productive human resource.

  1. To support, promote and undertake the advancement of academics.
  2. To encourage research, creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  3. To facilitate extension and community service.
  4. To ensure steady growth of the college.

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